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Saturday, 10 January 2015

What is Salt

What is Salt

In  language of chemistry any compound which is formed as a result of reaction between acid and base (alkali) is known as salt.
salt is found in sea water in large quantity.
Common Salt is a example of salt, also known as Table Salt. It is a white and forms crystals and have characteristic taste and used in many applications like preservation of food, taste enhancer etc. rock salt or halite is naturally occurring salt.
Common salt or table salt is made from chlorine and sodium to give crystals of sodium chloride and  this common salt or table salt is used in many ways and mainly in food industries and homes. 
If we talk about nutritional facts of salt then in every hundred gram (100gram) salt give approximately zero Calories, 38,758 mg sodium and 8 mg potassium.

what is salt
What is Salt

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