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Graduation chemistry notes contain notes on following topics i.e. Mathematical concept, computers, gaseous states, molecular velocities, liquid state, colloidal state, solid state, chemical kinetics, catalysis, atomic structure, periodic properties, chemical bonding, weak interactions, chemistry of noble gases, s block elements, p block elements, structure and bonding of organic compounds, mechanism of organic reactions, stereochemistry of organic compounds, alkanes, cycloalkanes, alkyl halides, alkenes, cycloalkenes, dienes, alkynes, arenes and aromaticity, aryl halides.

Thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, phase equilibrium, liquid-liquid mixture, electrochemistry, chemistry of elements of first transition series, chemistry of elements of second transition series,  co-ordination compounds, oxidation, reduction, chemistry of lanthanide elements, chemistry of actinide elements, acids, bases, non-aqueous solvents, electromagnetic spectrum, alcohols, dihydric and trihydric alcohols, phenols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, carboxylic acids derivatives, ethers and epoxides, nitro compounds, amines, aryl diazonium salts.

Spectroscopy, rotational spectrum, raman spectrum, UV spectroscopy, Visible spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, IR spectrum, bioinorganic chemistry, hard and soft acids and bases, gravimetric analysis, water analysis, carbohydrates, elementary idea of fats oils and detergents, detergents and synthetic dyes, nucleic acids, photochemistry, physical properties and molecular structure, solutions, dilute solutions and colligative properties, inorganic polymers, silicones and phosphazenes, organometallic chemistry, transition metals, organometallic compounds, organic synthasis via enolates, organosulphur compounds, amino acids, proteins and peptides.