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9th Class Science Chemistry Notes

Dear science students, you can read & download 9th class chemistry notes pdf English medium. These science notes are prepared by www.ChemistryNotesInfo.com as per class 9 syllabus. 9th class chemistry notes of chapter 1, 2, 3, 4... are given below.

  1. Matter in our surroundings 
  2. Is matter around us pure 
  3. atoms and molecules 
  4. Structure of the atom
  5. Periodic Table of Elements
  6. Chemical Bonding and Reactions

9th class science book contains four chapter of chemistry which are matter in our surroundings, is matter around us pure, atoms and molecule, structure of atom. Periodic table of elements, chemical bonding and reactions are some chapters which are not in NCERT book but is present in state board or some school-books. And we provide the chemistry notes of all these chapters at above links. 

Dear Students, you can also learn more about more basic chemistry terminologies at given below links:

But if your state board or books contains other chapters then visit 10th class page to get those chapter at ChemistryNotesInfo website www.ChemistryNotesInfo.com or www.ChemistryNotesInfo.Blogspot.Com.

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9th Class Chemistry Notes of CBSE NCERT MPBoard and all other state Board Exams notes.

Dear Science students you can see slideshow & listen podcast of below topics by clicking on Slideshow & Podcast-
  1. Matter in our surroundings Slideshow & Podcast
  2. Is matter around us pure Slideshow & Podcast
  3. atoms and molecules Slideshow & Podcast
  4. Structure of the atom Slideshow & Podcast
  5. Periodic Table of Elements Slideshow & Podcast
  6. Chemical Bonding and Reactions Slideshow & Podcast

9th Class Chemistry Notes PDF English Medium Downloading Links-

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These 9th Class Science Notes of CBSE, NCERT and other Board Exams by ChemistryNotesInfo contain following topics

Atomic Structure

  Periodic Table of Elements


Chemical Bonding and Reactions


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