11th Class

11th Class Chemistry Notes

1. Some basic concept of chemistry

2. Structure of atom

3. Classification of elements and periodicity in properties

4. Chemical bonding and molecular structure

5. States of matter

6. Thermodynamics

7. Equilibrium

8. Redox reactions

9. Hydrogen

10. The s -block elements

11. The p -block elements

12. Organic chemistry – some basic principles and techniques

13. Hydrocarbon

14. Environmental chemistry

11th class chemistry notes contain notes on following topics i.e. some basic concepts of chemistry, structure of atom, classification of elements and periodicity in properties, chemical bonding and molecular structure, states of matter, thermodynamics, equilibrium, redox reactions, hydrogen, the s -block elements, the p -block elements, organic chemistry – some basic principles and techniques, hydrocarbons, environmental chemistry.

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