Famous Scientists and their Inventions & Discovery

Famous Scientists and their Inventions & Discovery

Famous Scientists and their Inventions & Discovery

Scientists : A scientist is an individual who perform scientific experiments to get advance knowledge about the topic of research. Scientists reveals the secrets of nature. Scientists do novel research, inventions and discoveries. These inventions & discoveries makes life easy. This act also make scientists famous all over the world for their inventions and discoveries.

Inventions : An invention is a newly created instrument, device, or process which do not exists before. We can say that, an invention is the result of research and creativity. An inventor is a person who conducts scientific research and experiments to develop a unique instrument, device, product or process.

Discovery : Discovery is the act of finding or getting knowledge about something for the first time that already exists in nature. The scientists do research and uncover secrets of nature and discover the facts and write about it with full details in scientific manner. 

Difference between invention and discovery : 



A discovery is identifying something first time that already exists in nature, that no one has found before.

An invention is making something completely new innovative with one's own creativity, ideas and research. Inventions are fresh & unique.

A discovered thing already exists in nature. For example, electrons, protons and neutrons already exist in nature but we don’t know about them until scientists discovered them.

An invented thing does not already exist in nature. For example, smartphone, laptop and GPS don’t already exist in nature; they are invented by scientists to make life simple.