11 Scientists and their Brilliant Inventions

11 Scientists and their Brilliant Inventions

11 Scientists and their Brilliant Inventions

Above video is video of 11 Scientists and their Brilliant Inventions. You can also see more videos on famous scientists and their inventions at our YouTube channel Chemistry Notes Info .

List of famous scientists and their inventions

11 scientists and their brilliant inventions

The Archimedes’ Screw
Robert Hooke
discovered plant cells
Law of elasticity
Benjamin Franklin
Law of Conservation of Electric Charge
Invented bifocal spectacles
Also invented the Franklin stove
And invented the lightning rod
Alessandro Volta
First person to isolate methane gas
Invented the electric battery
Louis Pasteur
Discovered that some molecules have mirror images
Pasteur invented the process of pasteurization
Lord Kelvin
Gives the first two laws of thermodynamics
Invented devising equipment
William Crookes
Discovered and named the element Thallium
Invented electrical discharge tube
Wilhelm Röntgen
Discovered X-rays
Invented X-ray photography
Santiago Ramón y Cajal
Discovered neuron doctrine
Pierre Curie
Discovered radioactivity
Discovered piezoelectricity
Invented the piezoelectric quartz electrometer
Henry Moseley
Discovered the true basis of the periodic table
Invented the atomic battery

Famous Scientists and Their Inventions

Top 10 famous Indian scientists and their inventions

Below is video on Top 10 famous Indian scientists and their inventions.

Indian Scientists

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