Discovery of protons & Discovery of Neutrons

Discovery of Protons

      =>  Discovered by E. Goldstein.
     =>  In modified cathode ray tube gives +ve charge carrying particles known as canal rays.
      =>  Lithest & smallest +ve ion obtained from Hydrogen called proton.


1)    Depend upon, nature of gas present in cathode ray tube.
2)    Charge to mass ratio of particles depends on gas from which these originate.
3)    Some of +ve charged particles carry a multiple unit of electrical charge.
4)    Behavior of protons in magnetic or electric field is opposite to election behavior.

Discovery of Neutrons

=>  Discovered by Chadwick (1932).
=>  By bombarding a thin sheet of beryllium by alpha particles.
=>  Electrically neutral particles were emitted known as neutrons.
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