Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Class 11 MCQ

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Class 11 MCQ

some basic concepts of chemistry mcq

These are some of the random multiple question answers from Some Basic Concept of Chemistry...

1. If a matter has definite volume and definite shape, then it is :

All of the Above

2. Mole is SI unit of :

Amount of Substance
Luminous intensity

3. A measured temperature is 100 0F on Fahrenheit scale, then what is this reading be on Celsius scale :

11.2 0C

78 0C

102.7 0C

37.8 0C

4. What amount of H­2O produced by combustion of 32 g of CH4 :

36 g
18 g
72 g
90 g

5. How many moles of CH4 is needed to get 44 gram CO2 after combustion :

0.5 mol of Methane
1 mol of Methane
2 mol of Methane
4 mol of Methane

6. Calculate the mass per cent of the solute, when a solution is prepared by adding 4 gram of substance A to 36 gram of water :


7. What is molarity of  NaOH in the Solution, that is prepared by adding 2 gram NaOH in water to get 500 mL of the solution:

0.4 M
1.0 M
0.1 M
4.0 M

For above question, you can use our Molarity Calculator (click to calculate molarity). 

8. A measured temperature is 44 0C on Celsius scale, then what is this reading be on Fahrenheit scale :

111.2 0F

88.8 0F

32 0F

199.8 0F

9. Dalton in 1803, gives :

Law of conservation of mass

Law of definite proportion

Law of multiple proportion

Gay Lussac’s law of gaseous volume

10. The prefix 10-15 is :


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