Stereochemistry PDF Notes

 Stereochemistry PDF Notes

  1. Stereo-Chemistry is the branch of the chemistry. Stereochemistry concerned with the 3D arrangement of atoms & molecules and also concerned with the effect of this 
    3D arrangement on chemical reactions. You can download complete stereochemistry PDF notes from our telegram channel @ChemistryNotesInfo

stereochemistry pdf notes

  1. What is Stereochemistry ?

  2. Stereochemistry is the branch of chemistry. Stereochemistry involves study of the relative spatial arrangement or we can say that 3D (Three-Dimensional) arrangement of atoms that makeup the structure of the molecules. 

What are Stereoisomers ?

Stereoisomers compounds with the same connectivity but different arrangement in the space are known as Stereoisomers.

What are Enantiomers ?

Enantiomers are stereoisomers that have the non-superimposable mirror images. Only property of the enantiomers that differ them are the direction (+ or -) of the optical rotation are known as enantiomers.

What is Diastereomers ?

Diastereomers are the stereoisomers that have not the mirror images but they are different compounds with the different physical properties are known as Diastereomers.

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