Metals, Non-Metals and Metalloids


           These are more than 78% of all known elements. And present in the left side of periodic table.
·        These are  usually solids at room temp.(meaning (Hg) is exception)                                                                                                  
·        This have high melting points .
·        Boiling point.
·        These are metallic (can be flattened into thin sheet by hammer)  and ductile (can be drawn  into winner).


                     These present in the top right hand side of periodic table.
·        These are usually gases or solids at room temp. With low melting points & boiling points Boron (B) & Carbon (C) are exception.
·         Most of non – metallic solids are brittle and neither malleable not ductile.
·         Metallic character increases down in the group.
·        Non – metallic character increases from left to right in a period.


                   Elements which show character of both i.e. metals and non – metals are known as metalloids or semi-metals.
  Ex: - silicon, germanium, arsenic, antimony, tellurium.
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