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what is chemistry

What Is Chemistry

Definition of Chemistry ?

It is the branch of science which deals with the study of composition, properties and interaction of matter.
Now you may have question or queries related to matter like.....

What Is Matter ?

Anything which has mass and occupies space known as matter. Ex:- Water, pencil, pen, book etc.

Physical states of matter

=> Solid, liquid, gas.
Physical state
Definite volume
Definite shape
Book, pen
Water, milk
CO2, Air

Temperature & pressure effect on physical state

What are basic constituents of matter ?

Basic constituents of matter are atoms and molecules.

Note:- But in movies and serials or general discussion you heard about chemistry that chemistry is "the complex psychological or emotional interaction between people."

Branches of Chemistry ?

These are the some of general and important branches of chemistry-
Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Nuclear Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Wet Chemistry
Bio Chemistry

Other Fields of Chemistry like- 

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what is chemistry
what is chemistry

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