Chemical Test

Chemical Test

In Chemistry, Chemical Test are performed to measure or analyze Biochemical, Organic and Inorganic elements and chemical compounds. Chemical testing of water, chemical composition analysis of any compound, chemical test for organic compounds, chemical test for inorganic compounds, chemical test for functional groups, elemental analysis, chemical testing of food for its ingredients and to detect presence of any sort of insecticide pesticide in it, chemical test perform in chemistry labs etc are the some examples where we perform chemical tests. Now we think you have now somewhat idea to give answer of question what is chemical test?
chemical tests

What is Chemical Test

In the scientific field of chemistry, chemical tests are the methods to detect the presence and amount of chemical compound or chemical group with the help of some chemicals or reagent. Chemical tests are performed according to chemical testing methods in chemical testing labs for elemental analysis and chemical composition analysis.

Chemical Test Definition

Chemical test is a qualitative or quantitative method intended to confirm the presence and amount of a chemical compound or chemical group with the help of chemicals or specific reagent.

Chemical Testing Methods

Chemical testing methods are step by step procedure to perform some sort of chemical tests. These procedures are written and proven for its quality testing to deliver results with high accuracy. Generally chemical testing labs have SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), these SOPs provide step by step guidance to a chemist to perform specific test.

Chemical Analysis Methods

Their are so many chemical analysis methods, below is the list of some of them-

Acid Test 

                Test which are performed with the help of acids like Acid Test of Gold.

Barfoed's Test 

                      It is a chemical test performed to detect the presence of monosaccharides in the sample

Bromine Test 

                  In organic chemistry, It is a qualitative test to detect the presence of unsaturation ( means carbon-to-carbon double bonds or carbon-to-carbon triple bonds) and phenols.

Carbylamine Reaction

It is also known as Hoffman's Isocyanide Test. This chemical test is performed to detect primary amines.

Flame Test

                In inorganic chemistry, Flame test is performed to detect metals, elements or chemical compounds as they produce some characteristic colors.
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