What is Test

Test is a method to know about knowledge and ability of person giving test. Test meaning assessment about knowledge of someone on some topics related to test.
Definition of Test

Test Definition

In short and simple way, we can say that, "Test is measure of knowledge and ability"

Their is so many tests which we can face in our life like classroom tests to know your knowledge about your study subjects, chemical test for chemical analysis, medical tests for medical fitness and disease diagnosis, physical tests, mental test, IQ test etc.

Chemical Test

In Chemistry, Chemical Test are performed to measure or analyze Biochemical, Organic and Inorganic elements and chemical compounds. Chemical testing of water, chemical composition analysis of any compound, chemical test for organic compounds, chemical test for inorganic compounds, chemical test for functional groups, elemental analysis, chemical testing of food for its ingredients and to detect presence of any sort of insecticide pesticide in it, chemical test perform in chemistry labs etc are the some examples where we perform chemical tests. READ MORE... 

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