What is Definition ?

Definition is a way to explain something to someone in short and sweet manner, means you define or explain some word, phrase or term which is not easily understood by everyone. We can also say that definition is a statement which describes a term, word or phrase by explaining all about it. 

Now question is where and how this word "Definition" is used ?
This word "Definition" is used in many ways to learn or to get information about some terms, words and phrases in science like...
Definition of pH
                   pH is negative logarithm of hydrogen ion concentration.
                   pH = -log10[H+]

Define Matter
                 Anything that has mass and takes up space.

Definition of Science
              Science is a branch of knowledge based on practicals, facts, truth, principles, laws and experiments to understand physical and natural world around us.

Definition of Chemistry
Chemistry is the scientific study of matter and substances for how they combine, separate, react or interact with each other. 

Now We think you understand what is "Definition" and how and where to use it... 
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what is definition

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