Chemistry Notes

 Chemistry Notes

Hello Science Students! At our chemistry website "", you will get all chemistry notes and science notes chapter wise, class wise for your school, college and university chemistry exams and learning purpose.

Our free notes contain notes on science, basic chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and many other specialisation branches of chemistry. We try to write notes in very simple language, which can be understand by each and every student easily. Chemistry notes contains notes from basic to advance level. 

Along with notes for students, website also contains interesting articles on science topics, chemistry info, scientists, uses in real life, list of science and chemistry-based companies, infographics, quizzes, trending science, trending chemistry, science facts, science instruments, GK and many more important resources for science & chemistry loving people. 

Chemistry Notes
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You can get chemistry notes and explore other science resources by navigating website menu bar at the top of ChemistryNotesInfo website. You can also use search icon to search particular topic.  

You can get chemistry notes of all school classes like-

  • 12th Class Chemistry Notes - XII class chemistry notes contain notes on following topics i.e. solid state, solutions, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, surface chemistry, general principles and processes of isolation of elements, p-block elements, d-and f-block elements, coordination compounds, haloalkanes and haloarenes, alcohols, phenols and ethers, aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids, amines, biomolecules, polymers, chemistry in everyday life.
  • 11th Class Chemistry Notes - XI class chemistry notes contain notes on following topics i.e. some basic concepts of chemistry, structure of atom, classification of elements and periodicity in properties, chemical bonding and molecular structure, states of matter, thermodynamics, equilibrium, redox reactions, hydrogen, the s -block elements, the p -block elements, organic chemistry – some basic principles and techniques, hydrocarbons, environmental chemistry.
  • 10th Class Chemistry - X class notes contain notes on all chemistry topics under NCERT, CBSE and state board science book for class 10.
  • 9th Class Chemistry - IX class notes contains notes on all chemistry topics under NCERT, CBSE and state board science book for class 9.
You can also get chemistry notes of college and university like-
  • BSc Chemistry Notes - This section contains chemistry notes for students pursuing graduation in chemistry in college.
  • MSC Chemistry Notes - This section contains chemistry notes for students pursuing post-graduation in chemistry in college or university. 

You can also explore site dipper by visiting Learn More section, where you can get options like Chemistry Podcast to listen science and chemistry notes and many more interesting science topics. Books for science and chemistry books, notebooks. Science & Chemistry Quiz for quizzes, Symbol and Formula of chemistry, Infographics for visual learning, Chemistry Videos of science and chemistry notes and other interesting topics. 

Chemistry Terms for science and chemistry terminologies, Download PDF for downloading of PDF notes. Chemistry and Pharma Jobs for building your carrier in various research, pharma and chemical companies. Chemistry Lab Experiments to learn from experimental data of ChemistryNotesInfo, Famous Scientists and their Inventions & Discovery to learn about different scientists. 

Science & Chemistry Webstories to learn from interesting visual slides. If you find our notes and efforts help you, then you can help us by donating us to build more science and chemistry content and to run this website many more years free of cost. 

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