Top 10 Chemistry Resources

List of Top Ten Chemistry Websites
Top 10 Chemistry Websites

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1. Wikipedia

Wlikipedia is free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia contains so many articles related to chemistry. Wikipedia do not charges any fees to users to read articles and it have large collection of information related to chemistry.

2. NIST Chemistry WebBook

NIST have great Database of chemical and physical properties. Large searches on NIST are given below- General and Physical Property Based Searches
•    Formula
•    Name
•    IUPAC identifier
•    CAS registry number
•    Reaction
•    Author
•    Structure
•    Ion energetics properties
•    Vibrational and electronic energies
•    Molecular weight

3. Chemicool

Chemicool Periodic Table provide information related to Periodic Table and Elements. On home page of Chemicool you see a periodic table, when you click on any element in this periodic table you get a new webpage which shows chemistry information related to that element. For example if you click on H i.e. Hydrogen element than you get information about its ‘Data Zone- Classification, Color, Atomic weight, State, Melting point, Boiling point, Electrons, Protons, Neutrons in most abundant isotope, Electron shells, Electron configuration, Density @ 20oC and more’, Discovery, Facts, Appearance and Characteristics, Uses, Abundance and Isotopes, References.

4. The Molecule of the Month

The Molecule of the Month website added a molecule to its database monthly and publish it on its website.

5. Some Chemistry Stuff

This website is very useful as it contain great chemistry stuff, which is classified in following categories-

A Virtual Chemical Element Collection

This part contain photos and information for so many elements like Carbon, Fluorine, Chlorine, Technetium, Promethium and many others.

Home Chemistry Experiments

This part contain interesting chemistry experiments.

Atomic Spectra

This part contain information and resources to download windows program, which is useful to draws Atomic Spectra of elements.

More Chemistry Links

This part contain information and links to some helpful Chemistry-Websites.

6. Science Geek

Science Geek is also another good chemistry website which provide PowerPoint Presentation and Videos related to chemistry. 

7. Chalkbored

Chemistry 11

It is very useful website for  chemistry students of Schools, because this website teaches students with worksheets, labs, handouts, and Power-Point presentations.

Chemistry 12

It is very useful website for  chemistry students of Schools, because this website teaches students with worksheets, labs, handouts, and Power-Point presentations.

8. eMolecule

eMolecule is a good website to draw structure of chemicals or molecules online.
WebElement is an another important chemistry website for the periodic table of the elements. On WebElement website you get information from these pages- The essentials, Contents, History, Uses, Crystal structures, Physics, Thermochemistry, Atoms, Atom and ion sizes, Electronegativity, Geology, Biology, Compounds, Chemistry, Compound properties, Isotopes.
ChemTutor provides chemistry help for high school, college and university students to learn chemistry. ChemTutor have large collection of topics related to chemistry.
Royal Society of Chemistry leads chemistry community and advancing excellence in the chemical sciences. Royal Society of Chemistry promote, support and celebrate chemistry.


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