Pure Chemical substances

Pure Substances- a sample of matter, either a single element or a single compound that has definite chemical and physical properties
Element- a substance that cannot be separated or broken down into simpler substances by chemical means; all atoms of an element have the same atomic number

Types of pure substances:

      • Elements

      • Compounds

  1. Elements- 

                     elements are pure substances that contain only one kind of atom
    1. Has its own unique set of physical and chemical properties
    2. Has its own chemical symbol
    3. Molecule- the smallest of a unit of substance that keeps all of the physical and chemical properties that of the substance; it can consist of one atom or two or more atoms bonded together
    4. Diatomic elements- two of the same atom bonded together chemically
  1. Pure Substances

-Some elements have more than one form
-Allotrope- one of a number of different molecular forms of an element
-Compounds are Pure Substances
Compound- a substance made up of atoms of two or more different elements joined by chemical bonds
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