Transition Metals in Periodic Table

Transition Series of Periodic Table for 11th 12th BSc Msc Chemistry

         What is Transition Metals?

As per IUPAC system, transition metals are the elements of periodic table which have partially filled d sub shell or gives cations with incomplete d sub shell, is called transition metal.
But many scientist says simply any metal which come in d block of periodic table is known as Transition Metal and these come in group 3 to 12 of the periodic table.          

         What is Inner Transition Metals?

f block elements are also considered as transition metals but they are a special type of transition metal so they named as Inner Transition Metals.

         what is electronic structure of transition metals?

Typical electronic structure (or electronic configuration) of transition metals atom can be written as the  [Inert gas] (n-1)d1-10n s1-2.

         Define different transition series?

First (3d) transition series present in 4thperiod of the periodic table.

Second (4d) transition series present in 5thperiod of the periodic table.

Third (5d) transition series present in 6thperiod of the periodic table.

Fourth (6d) transition series present in 7thperiod of the periodic table.


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