Electrovalent Compound and Characteristics of Electrovalent Compounds

Electrovalent Compound

                             The compounds which contain ionic or electrovalent bonds are known as Electrovalent or Ionic Compounds. Mainly electrovalent compounds are formed due to reaction between highly electropositive and highly electronegative atoms.

Characteristics of Electrovalent Compounds

1.     Crystal Structure:

                              In solid state of electrovalent compounds anions and cations are arranged in regular manner called as crystal, In which anions surrounded by definite number of cations and cations surrounded by definite number of anions.

2.     Physical Nature:

       Ionic or electrovalent compounds are generally hard and their hardness increases with increasing ionic charge and decreasing distance between ions.

3.     Solubility:

Positive ion of ionic compound attach with negative part of polar solvent and negative ion of ionic compound attach with positive part of polar solvent, so ionic or electrovalent compounds are soluble in polar solvents like water and insoluble in non polar solvents like benzene, ether, alcohol.

4.     Melting Point and Boiling Point:

Electrovalent or ionic compounds have high Melting and boiling points because they need large amount of energy to break strong ionic bonds.

5.     Electrical Conductivity:

                                    In molten and solution forms electrovalent compounds conduct electricity because ions flows in molten and solution forms.

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