How We Will Learn


Human learning may occur from many resources or places, A child starts learning and continues his learning procedure life long. Human gets learning from home, society, education, training, school, college etc.......
Human brain has the ability to get new leanings or modify existing leanings of knowledge, skills, values, preferences or behaviors and results into production of different types of information which store in human brain.
Learning is the one of the greatest gift by god to human brain. Learning is not the activity of one day but it is life long procedure and also learning not limited to acquiring fact or collection of terms but it is a procedure called as "Learning Procedure"

How we start learning in better way?

This is a question which is generally asked by many students, teachers or educational institutions but answer is one i.e.  good learning practices should be followed to get better learning. Good learning practices include reading good content, focus on topics which you want to learn with full concentration, use of visual and audio sources so a person utilizes his vision as well as listening sense to acquire leanings. Use of multimedia in classrooms (like by playing animation, video, 3D pictures etc.) also result in great leanings.

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