Student Uses Personnel Mobile Devices In School


“Students Learn Best, If We Taught Best” – Jitendra Singh Sandhu
Recent surveys shows that about 60 percent of the students of the western countries like USA, Canada, Britain, France and about 40 percent students of the eastern countries like India, China, Japan and Pakistan uses personnel mobile devices at schools. 
Many students are utilizing their own mobile, tab or high end devices and many students are use devices provided by institutions. About 70 percent students use their own internet packs and 30 percent student utilizes WiFi facility provided by organizations or schools. Now days schools and coaching institutes also realize the importance of internet or multimedia for better learning of students or kids.

Internet As A Great Resource In Learning

Internet now days work as a great resource in learning if it is utilized in proper way. Improper utilization of internet also lead in false effect on Childs development like we see some students uses their mobile to access offensive content. 
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Wikipedia is a great website, which have probably answered to all educational queries. It provide high class educational content so it should be used in teaching as it provide content with picture, animations, charts and links for better understanding. There are thousands of mobile apps which utilizes Wikipedia content and Wikipedia also have its own Application.

Use Of Multimedia In School Learning

Multimedia also plays a great role in learning, As researches shows use of multimedia in learning results in better understanding and holding of facts or knowledge in brain memory for long time period. 
Many teachers, schools and institutes says that when they start teaching their students with multimedia content, the performance of students learning increase to great extent. General multimedia tools used in teaching are showing audio video lectures, graphs, charts, tables, 3D content, pictures related to study or teaching topics. Researches prove that multimedia content make great impression on brain.

Mobile Apps Importance In Learning

There are so many mobile apps available on Android, Windows and iOS which are really helpful in learning. Many subjective apps, dictionary, units’ converter, educational magazines etc. are available on stores free of cost to download, so install these apps and utilizes mobile devices to learn.

Importance of Mobile phone in education

Mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, are playing a crucial role in modern learning. Here's why they matter:

1. Convenience: Mobile devices make learning accessible anytime, anywhere, which is especially helpful for busy people.

2. Personalisation: Learning apps can adapt to your pace and style, making learning more effective.

3. Multimedia: Mobiles support videos, interactive content, and more, making learning engaging.

4. Collaboration: You can interact with peers and teachers through mobile apps, fostering a sense of community.

5. Instant Updates: Mobile apps provide real-time updates and reminders, helping you stay on top of your studies.

6. Access to Resources: You can access a wide range of online materials and courses, expanding your learning options.

7. Gamification: Learning apps often use game-like features, making studying fun and motivating.

8. Feedback: Mobile apps give quick feedback on quizzes and assignments, aiding your progress.

9. Cost-Effective: Mobile learning can save money compared to traditional methods.

10. Lifelong Learning: Mobiles support learning at any age, helping you keep acquiring new skills.

11. Global Learning: You can collaborate and learn globally, accessing knowledge from around the world.

In essence, mobile devices make learning more flexible, engaging, and accessible, making them essential tools in education today.

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