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Kossel Lewis Approach to Chemical Bonding and

Kossel Lewis Approach To Chemical Bonding

                                                                        Lewis discussed that atoms achieve stable octet when they linked by chemical bonds.
·        In  NaCl, an electron transfer from  Na to Cl and give Na+ and Cl-  ions and ,
·        In case of Cl2,H2,F2,  sharing of electron takes place to complete stable outer octet.
·        Valence electrons take part in chemical reaction or combination.
·        Symbol to represent valence electron in atom is known as Lewis symbol.
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·        Significance of Lewis symbol

To calculate valence = (no. Of dots and or / eight minus no. Of dots)

Octet Rule

                    According to this rule , atoms can combine either by sharing electron or by transfer (gaining or losing ) of electron to complete octet (i.e. 8 electron in outer most shell).

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