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Monday, 22 April 2013

Symbol used in chemistry and Formula used in chemistry

Symbol used in chemistry

d= density
v= volume
m= mass
Cp= specific heat
q= heat
ΔT= change in temperature
K= Kelvin
C= Celsius

Formula used in chemistry

Cp= q/ (m* ΔT)
q= Cp*m*ΔT
ΔT= q/Cp*m
m= q/Cp* ΔT
Tf= q/m*Cp +Ti
Ti= q/m*Cp +Tf (then divide everything on the right by negative 1 [-1]) **this formula isn't used as often as Tf**
t(C°)= T(K) - 273.15K  --used to find Celsius
T(K)= t(°C) + 273.1°C -- used to find Kelvin

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