Top 10 Interesting Facts about Hydrogen

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Hydrogen

Dear science students, Hydrogen is the lightest and the most abundant element in the universe. Hydrogen holds a special place in science, chemistry and chemical industry due to its unique properties. Here we learn top 10 interesting facts about hydrogen with physical and chemical properties of hydrogen. 

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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Hydrogen

Interesting Facts about Hydrogen

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Hydrogen

Here are 10 interesting facts about hydrogen gas or hydrogen element:

  1. Abundance in the Universe: Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. Hydrogen making up about 75% of universe elemental mass.
  2. Lightest Element: Hydrogen is the lightest element on the periodic table, with an atomic number of 1. Its atomic weight is approximately 1.008 atomic mass units.
  3. Colourless, Odourless, and Tasteless: In its pure gaseous form, hydrogen is colourless, odourless, and tasteless. It is highly flammable when mixed with oxygen.
  4. Hydrogen as Fuel: Hydrogen is generally considered as a clean and sustainable fuel. When hydrogen burns, it produces only water vapor as byproduct, which makes it an environmentally friendly source of the energy. Many big countries like US, UK and India starts utilizing it as fuel in real world. 
  5. Hydrogen Isotopes: Hydrogen has three isotopes: protium (1H), deuterium (2H), and tritium (3H). Deuterium is widely used in nuclear fusion reactions, and tritium is radioactive and used in some of the nuclear applications. These hydrogen isotopes are very important in the field of nuclear chemistry. 
  6. Hydrogen Bonds: Hydrogen is known for its ability to form hydrogen bonds with other atoms, especially with oxygen and nitrogen. These bonds are crucial in many biological processes and the structure of water.
  7. Hydrogen in Stars: In stars, including our Sun, hydrogen undergoes nuclear fusion reaction to form helium. This nuclear fusion reaction releases a tremendous amount of the energy. This energy released during reaction is the source of the sun's energy.
  8. Liquid Hydrogen: At very low temperatures (around -253°C or -423°F), hydrogen achieves its liquid state. Liquid hydrogen is also used as rocket fuel due to its high energy density.
  9. Hydrogen Storage: Storing hydrogen safely and efficiently is a very challenging task. It can be stored as a gas, liquid, or in solid materials. Scientists are working on various technologies development for hydrogen storage. When scientists developed perfect technology for hydrogen storage then hydrogen will become more usable in daily life. 
  10. Hydrogen in Industry: Hydrogen is used in various chemical industries. For example, hydrogen is used in industries for the production of ammonia for fertilizers, oil refining industries, and as a reducing agent in metal production industries.

Hydrogen Element Facts

Chemical and Physical Properties of Hydrogen

Here are some of the chemical and physical properties of hydrogen:



Chemical Properties

Chemical Property of Hydrogen

Chemical Symbol


Atomic Number


Atomic Weight (amu)


Electron Configuration



Protium (1H), Deuterium (2H), Tritium (3H)


Highly reactive; forms compounds with many elements.

Combustion Products

Water (H2O) when burned in the presence of oxygen.

Physical Properties

Physical Property of Hydrogen

State at Standard Conditions

Colourless gas

Melting Point

-259.16°C (-434.49°F)

Boiling Point

-252.87°C (-423.17°F)

Density (at 0°C, 1 atm)

0.0899 g/L

Molar Mass

2.01588 g/mol

Hydrogen Bonding

Can form hydrogen bonds with other elements.








Highly flammable when mixed with oxygen.


Slightly soluble in water.

These properties highlight the unique characteristics of hydrogen as the lightest element and its importance in various chemical and physical processes in science and chemistry. 

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