Top 10 interesting facts about Nitrogen

Top 10 interesting facts about Nitrogen

Dear Science & Chemistry Lovers, in this post we will learn top 10 interesting facts about nitrogen. Along with these fun facts we will also learn about physical and chemical properties of nitrogen. You can also download and share images and infographics in this post with your friends with article link. Let's we know about these fascinating ten facts of nitrogen: 

Top 10 interesting facts about Nitrogen

  1. Abundance in the Atmosphere: Nitrogen element in gaseous form is the most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere, constituting about 78% of the air we breathe.
  2. Chemical Symbol and Number: The chemical symbol for nitrogen is "N", and it is assigned the atomic number of "7" on the periodic table.
  3. Diatomic Molecule: Nitrogen exists as a diatomic molecule, meaning it naturally pairs up with another nitrogen atom to form N2.
  4. Critical for Living Organisms: Nitrogen is an essential element for living organisms as it is a key component of amino acids, proteins, and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).
  5. Nitrogen Fixation: Nitrogen fixation is the process by which certain bacteria convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form, which is usable by plants. This process is crucial for the nitrogen cycle and the growth of plants.
  6. Liquid Nitrogen: Nitrogen becomes a liquid at extremely low temperatures (-195.79°C or -320.42°F) and is commonly used in cryogenics for freezing and preserving biological samples.
  7. Role in Food Preservation: Nitrogen is used in the food industry for packaging and preserving food. Nitrogen gas helps prevent the oxidation and spoilage of food products.
  8. Inert Gas: Nitrogen is an inert gas, which means it is generally non-reactive under normal conditions. This property makes it suitable for various industrial applications, including inert atmospheres for certain processes.
  9. Airbags in Vehicles: Nitrogen is often used to inflate airbags in vehicles. Its inert nature reduces the risk of combustion compared to using regular air.
  10. Production of Ammonia: Nitrogen is a key component in the production of ammonia (NH3), which is essential for the manufacturing of fertilizers used in agriculture to enhance soil fertility.

These interesting facts about nitrogen element, highlight the diverse roles that nitrogen plays in both natural processes and various human applications.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Nitrogen

Given below are the physical properties of Nitrogen element:

Physical Property


Chemical Symbol


Atomic Number


Atomic Mass

14.007 u

Physical State at Room Temperature


Boiling Point

-195.79°C or -320.42°F

Melting Point

-210.01°C or -346.02°F

Density (at 0°C and 1 atm)

1.2506 g/L

Color and Odor

Colorless and odorless

Solubility in Water


Diatomic Molecule



3.04 (Pauling scale)

Critical Temperature

-147.10°C or -232.78°F

Critical Pressure

33.5 atm

Given below are the chemical properties of Nitrogen element:



Chemical Symbol


Atomic Number


Valence Electrons



3.04 (Pauling scale)

Ionization Energy

1402.3 kJ/mol

Common Oxidation States


Common Compounds

Ammonia (NH3), Nitric Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)


Relatively inert under normal conditions


Non-combustible; supports combustion indirectly.

Affinity for Hydrogen

Forms ammonia (NH3) through nitrogen fixation.

Nitrogen Fixation

Certain bacteria convert atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia.

Combines with Hydrogen

Forms ammonia (NH3) in the presence of a catalyst.

Combines with Oxygen

Forms nitrogen oxides, including NO, NO2, and N2O

Combines with Metals

Forms nitrides

Biological Role

Essential component of amino acids, proteins, and DNA

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