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Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Nuclear Chemistry (Radioactivity) MCQ Quiz by Chemistry Notes Info Part25

 Nuclear Chemistry (Radioactivity) MCQ Quiz by Chemistry Notes Info Part25

Nuclear Chemistry (Radioactivity) MCQ Quiz by Chemistry Notes Info
Nuclear Chemistry (Radioactivity) MCQ Quiz by Chemistry Notes Info

Nucleus of atom is source of very very high amount of energy. This very very high amount of energy can be utilized for constructive purposes like nuclear power plants and also can be utilized for destructive purposes like nuclear bomb. Due to this very very high amount of energy of nucleus, study of nucleus become so important that it gives birth to separate branch of chemistry i.e. Nuclear chemistry (Radioactivity). 

Dear chemistry lovers, given below are top 10 nuclear chemistry (radioactivity) MCQ quiz questions. So solve them to increase your nuclear chemistry understanding. Good Luck!

MCQ-1.  Radioactivity was discovered by :

  Henry Becquerel
  Madam Curie
  J. J. Thomson

MCQ-2.  Radioactive decay is :

  a physical change
  a nuclear change
  a chemical change
  none of these

MCQ-3.  The relationship showing the interconversion of mass and energy was given by :

  A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
  Madam Curie
  A. Einstein

MCQ-4.  In terms of energy, 1 atomic mass unit is equal to :

  500 J
  931.1 Kcal
  931.1 MeV

MCQ-5.  Which is the heaviest particle from the given below options :

  All of the above

MCQ-6.  Which line is true for "Positron" :

  Helium Nucleus
  Discovered by Jitendra Singh Sandhu
  A nucleus with 1 neutron and 1 proton
  The electron with +ve charge

MCQ-7.  Who give the group displacement law :

  Henry Becquerel
  Madam Curie
  Soddy and Fajan

MCQ-8.  From given below nuclear reactions, in which nuclear chemistry reaction NEUTRON is emitted :

  13Al27 + 2He4 ---> 15P30
  96Am211 + 2He4 ---> 97Bk214 + +1e0
  6C12 + 1H1 ---> 7N13
  15P30 ---> 14Si30 + -1e0

MCQ-9.  Which of the given below element is the end product of the natural radio active series, Dear ChemistryNotesInfo lovers select right answer :


MCQ-10.  The proper rays of radiocarbon dating are the :

  UV Rays
  X Rays
  Cosmic Rays
  IR Rays

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Age Calculator

Age Calculator

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What is Atom & Discovery of Electron

 What is Atom & Discovery of Electron

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Stereochemistry PDF Notes

 Stereochemistry PDF Notes

  1. Stereo-Chemistry is the branch of the chemistry. Stereochemistry concerned with the 3D arrangement of atoms & molecules and also concerned with the effect of this 
    3D arrangement on chemical reactions. You can download complete stereochemistry PDF notes from our telegram channel @ChemistryNotesInfo

stereochemistry pdf notes

  1. What is Stereochemistry ?

  2. Stereochemistry is the branch of chemistry. Stereochemistry involves study of the relative spatial arrangement or we can say that 3D (Three-Dimensional) arrangement of atoms that makeup the structure of the molecules. 

What are Stereoisomers ?

Stereoisomers compounds with the same connectivity but different arrangement in the space are known as Stereoisomers.

What are Enantiomers ?

Enantiomers are stereoisomers that have the non-superimposable mirror images. Only property of the enantiomers that differ them are the direction (+ or -) of the optical rotation are known as enantiomers.

What is Diastereomers ?

Diastereomers are the stereoisomers that have not the mirror images but they are different compounds with the different physical properties are known as Diastereomers.

Download Stereochemistry PDF Notes

You can Download Stereochemistry PDF Notes from below link-

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What will be coming for Plus Two examination chemistry?

 What will be coming for Plus Two examination chemistry?

12th class exams for state boards like Maharashtra and CBSE Board are most likely held in March-April.

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